What Your Garage Door is Trying to Tell You

Some noises are a quick fix, while others may indicate they need some dedicated garage door repair. But how do you know? Fortunately, you’ve come to the experts. Today, we’ll explain all the noises your garage door may be making and what you need to do about them.


Why is my garage door making a clicking sound?

Clicking sounds are usually a result of something being out of alignment in the garage door track. If your garage door is making a clicking sound and not working, it may be due to a stripped gear or something wrong with the motor. If it’s clicking and won’t come down, double-check that there’s nothing in the way of your safety sensors at the bottom of the door. These sensors use an infrared beam, and so in the right circumstances something small can set them off.

Why is my garage door making a grinding noise?

A grinding noise in older doors usually indicates that their rollers need replacing. If you have old metal rollers, switching to nylon is a better option as they reduce sound, last just as long, and don’t require lubrication.

Other, less common reasons for grinding noises include something being in the track (like a small piece of gravel) and misalignment of the shaft system.

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Why is my garage door making a buzzing noise?

If your garage door sounds more like an angry fly trying to get out of a window or rattles like a maraca as it goes up or down, there’s likely something that has come loose. Most of the time this will be something simple, like a loose bolt, but sometimes it can indicate that the doors are unbalanced (especially if they’ve been recently installed). While loose bolts can be an easy fix, be cautious not to overtighten any fixtures. In most cases, it’s best to call a garage door repair professional.

If you realize the rattle or buzz is coming from your garage door opener, you may be dealing with a loose chain or an issue with the support rails.

Why is my garage door making a popping noise?

If your garage makes a popping sound, one of the torsion springs has probably broken. This isn’t a problem you should handle yourself, so make sure you enlist the help of a professional.

Why is my garage door squeaking?

Like many other things in life, if your garage door is squeaking it may just need some good lubrication. You may be able to tell which hinge, pulley, or roller is causing the noise simply by listening closely. If you can’t tell where the squeak is coming from, it’s best to give your Los Angeles garage door repair specialist a call. (Contact us here.)

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Why is my garage door banging?

If your garage door is banging, that means it’s haunted. Just kidding. Probably. In all cases of banging doors we’ve seen, the problem is something mechanical, and it usually means there’s a broken torsion spring that sounds like you’ve got an angry ghost on the other side of the door, especially as it reaches the floor. Torsion springs are dangerous to work with, so allow your garage door repair technician to handle the problem for you.

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If you’ve got a garage door in Los Angeles that’s making any or even all of the above sounds, we’re here to help. We install new garage doors and do all kinds of garage door repair, and will be able to diagnose any problem. To find out more click here, or call us at (888) 918-8889 and we’ll get your garage door up and running as soon as possible.


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