The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Driveway Gates Installation

If you are in the market for a driveway gate, you may be overwhelmed by the variety to choose from. It is important to look at the specific differences in gates before investing in your new security system. If you have a larger property, you may be trying to decide between a residential and commercial driveway gate installation. Consider what kind of image you are portraying along with the following similarities and differences:

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Residential Gates Installation

While residential gates do provide security to your home, the aesthetic value of the gate is also very important to consider. Residential gates may be more decorative in nature than commercial gates. Consider what kind of material you want for your gate: do you want it to be solid or do you want your property to be visible? Your priority might be to create a sturdy, welcoming look to your gate, something that blends well with the style of your house.

Depending on the size of your home, a residential gate may be smaller than a commercial gate. While you want something that adds security to your home, you may not want a gate that is taller than your house. Since these decisions are difficult to make on your own, it is highly recommended you hire a gate installation company that offers a wide variety of gates to choose from.

Finally, consider how you will open your gate, swing or sliding. Residential gates can utilize a remote control, keypad or even be programmed through your home’s internet.

Commercial Gates Installation

Commercial gates can also look very attractive, but functionality is key. A commercial gate should reflect the image your business is trying to offer. Are you using your gate to welcome customers or to deter problematic behavior? The style you choose for your commercial gate will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

When looking at commercial gates, you’ll want to consider the motor as well. While a residential gate may not require a large motor, a commercial gate will. Either way, ensure that the company you use for your installation offers excellent driveway gate repair.

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