Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair Los Angeles

Maybe your garage door is sounding its age every time you hit the button. Or maybe your new teen driver forgot the difference between reverse and drive and now you have a brand new dent in your garage door. These are obvious signs you need a garage door repair Los Angeles. But there are other things that can indicate your garage door needs some work, too.

Almost every garage door issue can be repaired. If you’re not sure if your door needs work, call the experts in garage door repair in Los Angeles for an estimate. Also, look for the following less obvious signs that it’s time for a makeover:

Slower Response Times

You press the garage door opener, and within a second or less it begins to open. At least, it should. But if it’s taking longer than one or two seconds, or if it catches or struggles to get moving, then you probably need some maintenance.

Our garage door repair service in Los Angeles works with these types of issues on a regular basis. Slower response times aren’t just a nuisance, they can also indicate your garage door motor is working too hard. This extra wear and tear isn’t good for your door and could shorten its life if left unaddressed.

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Shaking When Opening or Closing

Properly functioning garage doors should glide smoothly on their tracks in an effortless way. But when It starts to shake as it makes it way up and down, it could indicate an issue with lubrication, the belt, the rollers, or the tracking:

● Broken or rusty tracking could collapse if left unaddressed.
● A belt that is weak or has lost its tension could snap and force the door to come crashing down (which will result in a costly replacement).
● Rollers can crack or erode over time.
● Lubrication should be replaced occasionally to ensure smooth operation.

If you notice shaking, it’s important to resolve this issue as soon as possible before it becomes a more serious problem.

Sagging Sections

Over time, your garage door may get off-balance. We recommend testing this once every year. To do this, disconnect your garage door so that you can manually operate it. Pull the garage door down halfway, then let go. If your door moves up or down on its own, there may be a problem with the tension spring or other components. In this case, you’ll want to find someone skilled in garage door repair in Los Angeles to diagnose the issue.

Contact the Experts for Garage Door Repair in Los Angeles!

A garage door repair instead of a replacement offers a number of benefits — to you and the environment. For starters, repair jobs can be much more cost effective than a full replacement. You get to keep your door (which likely matches your home) and save money in the process. Plus, keeping your door means less waste in the landfill.

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