Risks of Neglecting Garage Door Repair (Malibu)

When it comes to neglecting garage door repair, Malibu residents may think it’ll only amount to an inconvenience. But there are more risks at stake than a garage door that won’t open or shut. Let’s take a look at some of those risks, and how to mitigate them.

Risks of Neglecting Garage Door Repair

A garage is a great amenity that we often take for granted. In addition to offering covered parking and protection from the weather, they also provide a safe place to store belongings. We trust them to keep our valuables, including our vehicles, protected. We also trust them to safely operate. But, unfortunately, a broken garage door can betray that trust.

garage door repair Malibu

Risk of Vandalism & Theft

By neglecting garage door repair, Malibu residents are exposing their property to vandalism and theft. Unfortunately, criminals are always on the lookout for unprotected targets. They are aware that people often put off garage door repair. Malibu residents must make sure their garage door is in proper working order as to avoid becoming an easy target.

Risk of Falling Garage Door

Garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds! While a working motor makes lifting it seem easy, a broken garage door can come crashing down. The sheer weight of the garage doors can cause serious damage to not only your car, but your person! When it comes to garage door repair, Malibu residents need to think safety first!

Risk of Being Trapped

If your garage door breaks, your vehicle may be trapped inside or stuck outside. There is a manual mechanism to release your garage door, but opening and closing the door takes substantial effort. Some people may not be able to physically open and close the door by hand. To avoid this situation, you should turn to the best garage door repair Malibu has to offer.

Risk of Serious Repair Costs

We all wish problems would go away if we ignored them. But by procrastinating on garage door repair, Malibu residents are just risking higher repair costs. Many times, what could have just been a minor repair turns into a serious repair or even a complete replacement.

Garage Door Repair Malibu

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