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With security high on everyone’s agenda, an intercom system is a must have as part of your security system. Whether for your home or office communication, it ensures full protection of any property. It gives you peace of mind.

BR Intercom Repair Los Angeles can install, repair, upgrade or replace any intercom system. There are many models, commercial, residential,

wifi, video, ip etc, see who is at the door from anywhere on the property, and much more. Even use a smart handheld device to see what is going on when not at home or are traveling overseas.

Top-quality intercoms add another layer of security and protection. They can record all activities, including anyone who visits when no one is home.

Intercom Systems

Intercom installation and repair in Los Angeles

BR Garage Doors and Gates are specialist intercom installers and repairers. We work on new and existing systems. We can even relocate and upgrade your existing intercom to ensure it still meets your requirements. Our experts will ensure it is in perfect working order with the functions to suit your lifestyle.

The type and complexity of an intercom depends on the size and layout of the home or office building. Working with BR Garage Doors and Gates gives you the benefit of our specialized skills and knowledge.

When you have an older intercom system you want to move, upgrade, or repair, you can rely on us to ensure it will perform at its best. We troubleshoot the system when it is not working properly to pinpoint the issues for repair. This way we can go straight to the source of the problem to complete timely repairs.

Installing residential telephone entry systems

Privacy and security are important to people when so many things are outside their control. A telephone entry system at your gate, front door, or your office allows you to screen whoever comes to call. This is a great solution to protect your family, tenants and employees. You can check who is at the door or gate before letting them gain entry.

There are many types of entry systems, which can be either permanently mounted or mobile. They are electronic communications systems. They allow you to collaborate, give direction,

make announcements, and for private conversations. It can connect to a cell phone, an internet connected computer, or your telephone points in the property.

Whatever you need from your system, BR Garage Doors and Gates work with you to make it happen.

Home Intercom System Repair
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Commercial telephone entry systems

Telephone entry systems can eliminate the need for keys or changing locks when they get lost. Assign all relevant users with their own entry code, even track your employees coming and going from the workplace via the system.

The benefits of video intercom systems
  • They are useful for private and commercial properties so people can see who is it at the door and avoid someone trying to force their way in.
  • Communicate with visitors using the video intercom camera feed remotely from your smartphone or tablet. You can even monitor your property when you are not at home or traveling overseas.
  • Record everyone who comes to the door as they approach. You can record all activity in range of you video intercom system.
  • Video intercom systems add security, you control when the door opens for access to your home. This is more secure than trying access your front door via a lock and key, or using a keypad. We can install keypads, key card, or a key fob functionality if you require it.
  • Video intercom systems improves communication throughout the building. Seeing your face adds a personal touch when visitors come to the door without the need to breach your security.
  • We can link multiple entrances to your video intercom system so you do not need so many security people to monitor them all.
  • Your video intercom can even record all visitors while you are not home. It records each missed visitor with the time so you can see who you missed.
intercom repair los angeles
Only top-quality brands

We only use top quality brands. At BR Garage Doors and Gates we understand you only want the best. This is a long-term investment in you and your family’s safety. Using inferior products can be a false economy. You need a system that is reliable and works consistently and we guarantee the product we use are only the best. We provide expert installation and ongoing support so you never have to worry.

Give BR Garage Doors and Gates a call, We will send out a technician to go through the options and provide a free quote. We proudly serve customers in Los Angeles. Contact us today to learn more about our intercom installation and repair services.

Entry System

Are you looking for an home intercom? We are at your service!
We specialize in intercom repair and installation. In addition, we sell all types of intercom systems including their installation and maintenance at the client’s residence.
BR Garage Doors and Gates offers you a complete solutions for intercom repair in Los Angeles. From installing your new intercom to repairing your keypad, we offer total, efficient and affordable services that would give you complete satisfaction.

Business Intercom Repair and Installation

Business intercom is generally more complicated than home intercom. There are lot of things to consider when you are looking to install such a system at your premises. So, what are some of the things that you should consider when you are looking for business intercom system installation in Los Angeles, let’s find out.

The first thing that you need to do is get in touch with an expert. As said before, the system is complicated so setting it up the right way is a matter best left to the hands of the professionals. One of the leading professionals for business intercom system installation in Los Angeles is BR Garage Door Repair. They have a team of experts who would not only help you install the system, but also guide you in choosing the right system and give you tips on how to get the most from your system.

BR Garage Doors and Gates also helps you with intercom system repair in Los Angeles. Therefore, they are the best bet for you both before and after you install the system. So, get in touch with the leaders in intercom services in Los Angeles and get the best solutions for your business.

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