how long do garage door springs last

Did your garage door spring break? Unfortunately, this happens to many people, and it’s unfortunate because the spring is one of the most dangerous parts of your garage door. A broken garage door spring can cause severe injuries if not fixed quickly enough. For example, when one of our customers’ springs broke recently, his wife was almost seriously injured during this accident. But, of course, it’s not always a broken spring that causes injury, either – sometimes they can snap or bend and become dangerous projectiles as well.

If you recently had an accident with your garage door spring repair, it’s essential to keep yourself safe. This article will explain how garage door springs work, what usually goes wrong with them that leads to breakage, and how to fix them.

Types of garage door spring

Springs are found on all garage doors, from metal roll-up doors to wooden carriage house doors. However, they can usually be divided into two different categories – extension springs and torsion springs. The difference between them is that they apply force upwards on the door itself; usually, this is determined by how high your garage door is.

Extension springs – as the name suggests – extend upwards to lift the door. They run along tracks above your garage door and work with a pulley system so that only one wire hoists the weight of your whole garage door, rather than all of it resting on a single coil. Even though they’re called “extension” springs, these springs typically contract and release in a more or less vertical direction because the role of an extension spring is to lift your whole door.

Garage Door spring Repair

Torsion springs – are located on the ends of your garage door. They twist throughout their length but are usually stationary at one end to move around their axis. Unfortunately, the other end of the spring is attached to the garage door itself, and it’s where most breakage occurs. Torsion springs can lift your entire garage door from this stationary point, but that isn’t the only way they help you open and close your door. They also provide a counterbalancing force on the door so that the garage door’s weight doesn’t cause it to stop or reverse direction. If you can imagine, a heavy and unbalanced garage door would not only need more than two hands to open, but it might even damage your garage floor as it goes up and down!

garage door spring repair

For these reasons, torsion springs are usually much larger and more potent than extension springs.

So, why do garage door springs break?

The answer is usually relatively simple: age and fatigue. Torsion springs can become very tired after repeated use. Sometimes this occurs over many years, but sometimes it only takes a few months (or even weeks!). If your torsion springs appear to be very worn, and you notice that your garage door isn’t relatively as smooth to open and close as it used to be, it’s time for a replacement.

On the other hand, age is probably the most significant factor in extension springs if an extension spring is much older than its counterpart (if, for example, one of your two extension springs is over 10 years old), the probability of breakage increases.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

If you have an accident with your garage door, whether or not it’s related to a broken spring, it’s essential to call professionals as soon as possible. However, if one does happen to snap on you, do not try to fix it yourself – even if you think you might be able to. Garage door springs are under a considerable load and can cause severe injuries if released improperly or in an uncontrolled fashion.

If you do decide that it’s necessary for safety reasons (or convenience) to replace your garage door springs before an expert can get to your house, at least try to call professionals even if you don’t end up using them. That way, you can deal with a qualified company that knows how to handle the springs and everything around them without worrying about your safety.

Why with us?

At BR Garage Doors & Gates, you will find first-class garage door springs without compromise, and we also came to you at an exclusive special price for these times for replacing springs for the garage door. So feel free to consult our team of experts and get a quote today because your family and you deserve to feel as protected as possible.

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