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Gate Repair Near Me (Get New Opener Remotes!)

Gate opener remotes are about to be a thing of the past! If we’re honest, having a bulky remote in your car is unappealing. Especially when the batteries die and the device is useless! If you are looking for alternatives to a gate opener remote, we’ve compiled some options for you below.

So, if you’re searching for “electric gate repair near me”, then be sure to ask the technician about different opener options! Because who doesn’t want to ditch the opener?

Top Alternatives to a Gate Opener Remote

Now, you may be thinking, “Who provides the best electric gate repair near me?” BR Garage Doors & Gates serves the greater Los Angeles area and we’d be happy to help. We can have a technician there in no time. They can also fill you in on alternatives for your gate opener remote.

Here are the best options if you’re looking to transition away from a remote opener.

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Smartphone Apps

There’s an app for that! Isn’t that the truth? There’s an app for everything! Some gate opener models are compatible with apps that allow you to use them to open, close, and even check the gate when you are not home. They can also send reminders if you accidentally leave the gate open.


For more on what gate openers have compatible apps, conduct an internet search for “electric gate repair near me,” and consult the professionals. Ask lots of questions and pick the company that seems most knowledgeable.


If you love to jog or take walks, you know it’s uncomfortable to carry around a remote. In cases like this, a keypad can really come in handy. It simply mounts to the wall and allows the gate to open with the use of a security code. Thus, you never have to worry about being locked out of the gate if the remote is lost or not working properly.

Car Controls

Some vehicle models offer remote functions. When this system is present, you simply program the vehicle’s button to work as the remote. So, rather than carrying the actual remote around in your vehicle, you simply press the button provided by your auto manufacturer. This is a great option for homes that own more vehicles than gate opener remotes. Furthermore, you never have to worry about forgetting the opener remote at home.


In conclusion, there are several viable options if you need extra gate opener remotes or if you’re simply looking to get rid of it altogether. Simply conduct an internet search of, “electric gate repair near me” and choose a company to help determine option is best for you. Just keep in mind that you want to choose a company that has good ratings and is knowledgeable about each system.


Allow BR Garage Doors & Gates to help with all you garage and gate needs, including gate openers! If you’re searching for the ‘best electric gate repair near me,’ you’ve found it!


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