Gate Repair Los Angeles for Swing Gate or Sliding Gate

Designing the outside of your home is important, especially when it comes to deciding between gate styles. When installing a gate, should you go with a swinging gate or a sliding gate? No matter what you decide, should you ever need gate repair, Los Angeles residents can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Swing Gate vs. Sliding Gate

When deciding what type of gate you want for your property, there are a few choices. Reads on to learn more about single swing gates, double swing gates and sliding gates. You can also learn about the best gate repair Los Angeles has to offer.



Single Swing Gate

A single swing gate consists of one single gate that swings open toward the interior of the property. Learn more about these gates:

  • More cost effective as you only need one opener for these gates
  • They only need half the hardware, such as hinges and bolts, as their counterpart, the double swing gate
  • It requires the widest swing distance to open when compared to double swing gates. For example, a 12 ft. single swing gate needs 12 feet of clearance to swing open as compared to a 12 ft. double swing gate that only needs 6 ft. of swing distance to open.
  • Requires a heavy duty mounting post since it will hold the entire weight of the gate.
  • Maximum width recommendation on a single swing gate: 14 ft.


Double-Swing Gates

A double-swing gate consists of two gates that meet in the middle and swing open towards the interior of the property. Read on for details of these gates:

  • These gates need less swing distance to operate. For example, a double-swing gate that is a total of 12 ft. wide only needs 6ft. Of swing clearance since each gate is only 6 ft. wide
  • Double-swing gates can usually accommodate wider driveway openings that a single swing gate.
  • They typically have a more traditional or elegant appearance than their single swing gates.
  • They require double the hardware than single swing gates since they are attached to two different mounting poles.
  • Double-swing gates are typically more expensive if automating them since an opener motor will be required for each gate.


Sliding Gate

A sliding gate is one that slides horizontally on a track. Many homeowners choose swing gates, but not every property can accommodate them. Here are two reasons why you might choose a sliding gate:

  • The driveway is too tight or compact to accommodate a swinging gate. A sliding gate is a great option for those tight spaces.
  • Some driveways are too steep to accommodate a swinging gate. In that case, a sliding gate might be a great option.


Gate Repair

While gates are wonderful additions to your property, they have many working parts. At some point they may need new operators or hardware. If you are in need of the best gate repair Los Angeles has to offer, visit us at BR Garage Doors and Gates. Our qualified staff can meet all your gate repair Los Angeles needs.


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