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It can be an extremely frustrating experience when your garage door repair San Mateo. If your car is inside the garage when it breaks, you will likely end up late to your destination. If it breaks when you’re outside, you might have to walk inside in the rain or park on the street.

Neither of these situations are ideal and we believe that you should never have to fall victim to a faulty garage door repair San Mateo. Luckily, garage doors in San Mateo can be easily repaired with the help of BR Garage Doors and Gates. We will do everything we can to make sure your garage door in San Mateo is repaired in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

If your garage door or electric gate in San Mateo stops working, that does not automatically mean that you need the entire system to be replaced. Our service professionals have more experience in the industry than most other garage door companies in San Mateo, and we will carefully inspect your system, determine the root cause, and repair it quickly. Our main goal is to create a stress-free experience for our customers.

Our service staff is available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

Garage Door Installation San Mateo

Are you ready to convert your manual garage door to an automatic garage door need a new door in San Mateo? BR Garage Doors & Gates is here to help.

Having a garage door that opens automatically with the press of a button is a huge time-saver and eliminates a lot of stress from your life. If you live in San Mateo, you know that the weather isn’t always comfortable to be standing outside in. Rainy, windy, and chilly days are all too common. The last thing you want to do on a rainy day is get out of your car and get wet and cold while opening your garage door.

garage door installation in San Mateo will help you stay warm and dry all day long and will even allow you to warm your vehicle up (or cool it down in the summertime) inside your garage so you can safely and comfortably get in your car and drive away.

BR Garage Doors & Gates will install any garage door no matter where you purchased it. If you purchase a garage door from Home Depot in San Mateo, we will pick up the door for you, bring it to your residence or business, and install it for you. Our goal is to create an experience that is easy, affordable, and stress-free.

Call today for a consultation or price quote.

Garage Doors and Gates in San Mateo

Since our founding, BR Garage Doors and Gates has been a one stop shop for garage doors and gates in San Mateo. We serve the greater San Mateo area to provide superior protection and privacy solutions that fit your lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect from us and why we’ve become a household name in San Mateo, CA

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Gate Repair San Mateo

If you have a gate at the entryway of your home in San Mateo, it’s likely because you have a very high standard for your safety and privacy. When that electric gate stops working, your family and property might be at risk. That’s why you’ll want to have a broken gate repair San Mateo, repaired as soon as possible.

A broken gate doesn’t necessarily mean that you need an entire new system. In most cases, a broken electric gate just needs a few new parts or routine maintenance to get it working again. BR Garage Doors & Gates can fix everything to issues with electric gate openers, resizing issues, storm or vehicle damage, motor and electrical issues, and more.

BR Garage Doors & Gates has over 12-years of experience repairing and installing electric gates. Our expertly trained service staff is happy to provide fast and efficient service so you and your family can rest with the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

We are happy to also repair electric gates at businesses and commercial residences. Call today for a consultation or price quote.

About us BR Garage Doors & Gates

BR Garage Doors and Gates are experts in installing and repairing electric gates and garage doors in the Los Angeles and San Mateo areas of California. We started this venture 12-years ago because we realized that there were many homes in Los Angeles that had electric gates and garage doors, but there weren’t many companies that could assist with installation and repair.

We saw a gap in the industry and set out to fill it. Thus, BR Garage Doors & Gates was born! We are excited to expand our services to the San Mateo area so our experienced professionals can use the most advanced tools and techniques to bring the people of Los Angeles and San Mateo high quality and affordable services.

BR Garage Doors & Gates have more experience than most other companies in the garage doors and electric gates field. Our experience allows us to bring the very best service to the residents and business owners of Los Angeles and San Mateo.

In addition to installing and repairing garage doors and gates in Los Angeles and San Mateo, we also install intercom systems. Contact us today for a price quote so you can start living as comfortably as possible.

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