Garage Door Repair Pasadena

Garage Door Repair Pasadena : DIY or Hire a Pro?

You can thank HGTV and YouTube for bringing out the DIY potential in Pasadena, CA homes. Let’s face it: there are tons of things you can do yourself, like installing toilets and ceiling fans to landscaping your home and adding smart lighting. But should garage door repair be one of them?

The simple answer is yes, and no. It really depends on what’s going on with your garage door, what type of door you have, how old it is, and a whole host of other considerations. This is one reason why we’re the top company for garage door repair in Pasadena, CA: because we can provide hands-on service when you need it and professional guidance when you don’t.

Here’s a quick rundown of when you can DIY your garage door repair in Pasadena and when it pays to hire the help of a professional:

Garage Door Repair Pasadena

DIY: Cleaning the Rollers and Tracks

Over time, bits of debris and buildup can collect in the tracks and rollers. You can prevent this with a simple routine cleaning using a household-grade cleaner. However, if you notice large chunks of debris that completely jams the door, you might be better off having your tracks professionally cleaned.

DIY: Tighten Loose Hardware

If you’re hearing a rattling sound when your garage door moves up or down, loose hardware could be the problem. This happens naturally due to changes in temperature both outside and inside the garage, as well as use of the garage door over time. Grab a drill or screwdriver and check all the hardware on the door.

DIY: Replace the Weather Seal

If you can see daylight at the bottom of the door when it’s closed, it’s time for a new weather seal. This is relatively easy to fix and super inexpensive. Measure your existing weather strip and go to your local hardware store for a replacement.

Hire a Pro: Damaged Tension Spring

Tension springs (especially if your garage door only has one) is best left to the pros. That’s because one wrong slip and your whole door could come crashing down! This is extremely dangerous work and should only be performed by a professional.

Hire a Pro: Align the Tracks

If the tracks look slightly bent or misaligned, it’s a good idea to contact the pros. This is because your tracks are what are holding your heavy garage door in place. If something goes wrong trying to align them, the whole door could fall.

Hire a Pro: Replace the Garage Door

If there’s a chance your garage door can’t be repaired and needs a full replacement, you’ll need a full team to make it happen. Our garage door specialists not only have the manpower but also the tools and expertise required for a safe replacement.

When in doubt about DIY vs professional garage door repair in Pasadena, CA, consult with the experts at BR Garage Doors and Gates and get the right recommendations for the right project!

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