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Garage Door Repair Near Me: When to Call the Experts

When your garage door is on the fritz, you’ve got two options: Ask Siri to “find garage door repair near me” or look into the issue yourself.

The truth is, garage door repair can be relatively straightforward — or incredibly complex. In very few cases will you be able to diagnose and fix the problem yourself. Because working on garage doors can be intricate and dangerous, it’s almost always best to call a professional.

Using a professional ensures the job is done right the first time and can even save you money in the long run.

If you’re still not sure if you should call a garage door repair service near you, here are a few signs that say yes:

1. Your Garage Door Doesn’t Close Evenly

When your garage door closes, it should rest flush against the floor of your garage. If there’s a noticeable gap (large or small) on one side, your garage door is out of balance.

This is a serious issue, as this leads to uneven wear and tear on the springs that hold your door. In fact, it’s very likely that one spring is already worn more than the other. Too much uneven use can result in the overstressed spring snapping and causing a total garage door breakdown.

Finding garage door repair near you can help to fix the issue before it becomes a more costly and dangerous problem later.

Garage door repair near me

2. Your Garage Door Started Making a New Sound

Garage doors can be noisy, depending on the type of motor you have. But if you notice a new sound (e.g. grinding, grating, popping, etc.), then you might have a real issue on your hands.

These sounds are annoying, but don’t be so quick to ignore them or think they’re just due to the age of your motor. The sound your door is making can indicate specific problems. For example, a grating sound might mean your torsion springs need replacing, while a grinding sound could be a sign of the doors dragging on the track.

The point is, new sounds shouldn’t be ignored. Call a local repair service to have them listen to the sound and see what needs to be done.

3. You Depend on Your Garage Door for Security

Garage doors aren’t just about looks. They’re also about function. If your garage fills a security need beyond that of the average homeowner, you’ll want to call an expert. This is because an expert garage door repairman can diagnose and fix the problem much faster than you could do yourself.

Find Garage Door Repair Near Me

Typing “garage door repair near me” into Google can be a helpful first step in finding a local repair service. But don’t simply choose the first company that pops up. Find a company that specializes in your brand of garage door and will stand by their work.

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