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Garage Door Repair Los Angeles FAQ

Garage doors are hands down one of the best inventions, as they provide convenience and ease of entrance for homeowners with a garage. Yet, sometimes these doors will begin to act strange, leaving you to wonder what’s happening. If in need of answers for garage door repair, Los Angeles residents can keep reading for the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

The most common reason a garage door won’t open is due to a broken torsion spring or extension. If you do not hear a noise when using your electric door opener, you should try to disconnect the opener and pull the emergency release. Now, manually lift the door. If the door moves normally, the problem is with the opener itself. If the door does not open normally, it’s time to find the best garage door repair Los Angeles offers.

garage door repair los angeles ca

Why Does Garage Door Begin to Close, Only to Go Back Up?

Beginning in 1993, garage door openers are made with an infrared safety eye that will prevent the door from closing if anything is in view. The first thing you should do is see if there is a spider web or other object blocking the light beam. If so, once you remove the object, the door should function properly.


The other common issue is that the eyes become misaligned and slightly out of adjustment. When this occurs, it will cause the door to start closing and then reverse after a moment. Check the sensors, and if you see that one is blinking or out, try to re-align. If this doesn’t work, contact a garage door repair Los Angeles specialist.

If A Small Section is Damaged, Do I Need A Whole New Door?

In most cases, you can opt for a replacement section for the door. However, this will depend on if the door is still being made and whether the rest of the door is in good enough shape to only replace one section. It’s best to contact a professional for garage door repair. Los Angeles technicians can provide you with the best options. Sometimes it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new door.

Can I Repair My Own Garage Door Spring?

The truth is, changing a door spring can be a dangerous task. If you’re not experienced with this kind of repair, it’s best left to a professional. The spring is engineered to lift doors that can weigh over three-hundred pounds. This produces a great deal of torque and can cause injuries if not handled properly. The good news is, if you need garage door repair, Los Angeles technicians are standing by.

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