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Garage Door Repair Los Angeles | Common Problems

What happens when your door unexpectedly quits on you? You need an experienced garage door repair Los Angeles company to fix the problem asap. Give your garage door a little TLC before you need a garage door replacement. Jumping on the problem can prevent you from needing bigger and more expensive repairs.

We’ve made a list of the nine common garage door problems. If you can check off any of the numbers below, it could signal your garage door needs some assistance. Our garage door repair Los Angeles team is always ready to help.


garage door repair los angeles

1. The Door is Slow to Open & Close

Occasionally, you need to tune-up your garage motor. Tuning the motor and adjusting its part can help save your entire door from having to be replaced. Sometimes it’s as simple as adjusting a setting. But, often, it’s a track misalignment or worn-out motor.

2. Loose Cables

Loose cords are a red flag for a failed pulley system. It’s not particularly difficult to tighten cables, but it does require specialty tools. Chances are, you won’t find these tools in your standard toolbox.

3. Cracks

Cracks will naturally happen over time. Our garage door repair Los Angeles services can help when cracking results from natural wear & tear. Sometimes a nice patch job will do the trick.

4. Warps

If your garage door looks warped, it poses a structural problem for the door. It’s best to call a professional to diagnose the root cause of the warping. Then, they can advise you or safely repair the door.

5 Dents

We’ve all had off days where we bumped into our garage door with our car or bicycle. In many cases, the dent can be popped out and paint touched up. However, you might need to replace the panel or door, especially if it is interfering with its function.

6. Funny Sounds

If your door is making a lot of noise, a motor repair is usually the best fix for an ultra-quiet garage door! Or, perhaps there is too much friction on the moving parts. Modern garage door openers are much quieter than their predecessors. So, it might just be time for an upgrade. Thankfully, upgrading the garage door motor isn’t as expensive as you might think!

 7. Wind Drafts

You should not feel small bursts of cool air when your garage door is closed. If you do, you should consider getting it repaired. These air gaps often result from degraded weather stripping or misalignment. Our garage door repair Los Angeles crew can help seal your garage better to keep the AC in and the hot air out of your home.

 8. Unbalanced Door

You should immediately repair an out-of-balance door; otherwise, one spring could become more worn out than the other, causing the overworked spring to snap. This can be dangerous!

Tip: If your garage door is uneven or sagging, it’s most likely out of balance.

9. Door Jerking

If your door jerks or shakes (more than usual) as it closes and opens, it’s time for a repair. If you ignore the shaking and shuddering, it could quickly turn into a much worse issue like your rollers coming off the track.

Garage Door Repair Los Angeles

At BR garage door repair Los Angeles, we fix the issue at the source. Give us a call to learn more about our repair services that can help you save big bucks in the long run! Call (888) 918-8889.


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