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Got a faulty garage door or gate? Have questions about installing a new garage door or electric gate on your property? Use these Frequently Asked Questions to find potential solutions to your most common questions.

Garage Door Questions

Why is my garage door not closing?

  • Garage doors that don’t close all the way is something you need to address, and the sooner, the better. That’s because an unevenness could place stress on the door and its components, which could turn into bigger problems.First, check that there’s nothing blocking the sensor and that nothing is lying directly below your garage door that prevents it from closing all the way. If your garage door isn’t responding at all, check the batteries in the remote control and that there is electricity running to the wall-mounted opener. If after these tests your garage door still won’t close, contact BR Garage Doors and Gates for assistance.

My garage door won’t open. What should I do?

  • You should first check for broken springs above the door. Do the same for the cables on the sides of the door. Also, you should check the battery in your garage door remote and see if your wall-mounted opener is getting power to it. You can also switch to manual mode and see if you’re able to lift your door. If so, the cause is likely due to a power issue. If after these tests your garage door still won’t open, contact BR Garage Doors and Gates to schedule service.

My garage door is making noises. Why is this?

  • Even brand new garage doors will make some noise. But if you’re hearing a new noise, you’ll first need to find where the noise is coming from. It could be a broken part, an old motor, or even rust. If rust is the cause, never use WD40 for garage doors. There are special sprays you can buy that won’t cause buildup. The best plan is to contact a garage door company to perform professional maintenance on your door.

Why is my garage door so heavy in manual mode?

  • Garage doors are large, bulky, and naturally heavy. But you should be able to open it without superhuman strength. If you feel like it’s too difficult, you may need a professional to perform testing and maintenance on your door. They can test your springs and ensure no parts have been broken or compromised that might affect your door’s motion.

Gate Questions

What routine maintenance should be performed on my electric gate?

  • All electric gates will require periodic maintenance to keep working like new. The company from which you purchase the electric gate may also provide guidance on inspections.Before purchasing the gate, check their recommendations on gate inspections. We are happy to help with any process of your electric gate inspections and maintenance.

My electric gate does not open. Why is this?

  • When your electric gate will not open, there are a few things you can check.First, inspect the electrical panel and make sure electricity is running to the gate. Also, check the batteries on the gate’s remote control.It could be a fault in the gate itself if the gate sounds like it’s trying to open. This is indicated by a shift or noise during the opening process. For example, something might be blocking its path. Remove any debris or objects that might impact the gate’s ability to open.If you conduct the above troubleshooting tips and still have issues, your best option is to connect with an electric gate technician to diagnose the problem.

What are the common types of electric gates?

  • Sliding gates, swing gates, and overhead gates are the three most common choices available in today’s market.Sliding gates have tracks along a fence or wall, where the gate moves on wheels or bearings. The swing type draws the gate open or closed on hinges, much like opening or closing a door. Overhead gates move up and down on wheels.The most popular electric gates for residential properties are swing gates and sliding gates.Not all types of gates can be installed everywhere. The gate needs to be adapted to the place it serves. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider your specific applications when choosing a gate.The team at BR Garage Doors and Gates are happy to help with a free gate installation consultation.

Is it possible to add a motor to a manual gate?

  • In most cases, the answer is yes.However, it is important to check that the place where the gate will be installed has an electrical infrastructure before moving forward with the gate conversion.If there is an electrical source, then it is definitely worth considering the option of adding an electric motor. This makes it easier and faster to open the gate, and you can even do so from the comfort of your car.You can open electric gates via control panel, remote control or mobile device. To explore the variety of electric gate features and options, we recommend calling a professional to assess the location and structure of the gate before moving forward.
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