Electric Gate: Repair or Replacement?

Your electric gate is your sense of security and your gateway from the wild world to your safe haven. If your gate is protecting your commercial property, it’s probably part of the reason why your customers trust you. When that gate isn’t working properly, it’s more than a slight inconvenience.

The question is, do you need to replace your broken gate or can you get away with an electric gate repair on your Los Angeles property? Here’s how to know.

How to Know if You Need Electric Gate Repair or Replacement

Replacing an electric gate isn’t cheap, so can you fix the problem with a repair instead? Or is it time to bite the bullet and get a new gate? Start by asking yourself these questions.

What Is the Problem?

An electric gate has numerous moving parts, so there are many ways things can go wrong. The problem will be a key factor in determining your next step. Some issues are fixable with our electric gate repair in Los Angeles. Others can only be remedied with a full gate replacement.

How Old Is Your Gate?

Some electric gates last longer than others, so read up on your gate’s life expectancy. If it’s getting close, you may be better off with a replacement. Otherwise, you could be repairing a gate that only has a year or two left in it.

Repairs are also more difficult as your gate gets older because manufacturers may stop making parts. This may not be a problem you discover until you start searching for parts.

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How Much Would a Repair Cost?

Many property owners will steer toward our electric gate repair service because they expect it to be less expensive than replacing their gate. In reality, a replacement might be a more cost-effective option. It depends on the expected cost for your repair and the value of your gate.

The Best Choice: Consult With a Specialized Electric Gate Technician

Choosing between a repair or replacement for your gate isn’t always an easy choice. Chances are that you answered “I don’t know” to at least one of the questions above.

That brings us to the best way to determine what you need: calling a knowledgeable electric gate repair technician. Our specialists have exclusive expertise in gates and garage doors. This allows our licensed technicians to effectively examine your gate, find the root of the problem, and recommend the most cost-effective path for you.

Getting What You Need from Your Electric Gate Repair in Los Angeles

If your electric gate isn’t working properly, you need it to be back on its feet as quickly as possible. Whether you need a replacement or an electric gate repair, BR Garage Doors & Gates Los Angeles technicians can get you on the road to a functional gate in no time.

To get started, contact our electric gate specialists and schedule a visit today.

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