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Dealing with Electric Gate Repair, Los Angeles

Electric gates provide an extra level of security for residential and commercial properties. Not only do they offer security and peace of mind, they also offer the convenience of closing and opening the gate remotely. Yet, sometimes you will incur problems with the electric gate and it will need to be fixed. When these problems arise, it’s best to look for a company that specializes in electric gate repair Los Angeles, or whichever city you reside.

When You May Be in Need of Gate Repair Services

Here’s a look at the most common electric gate issues, that may lead to you searching for ‘gate repair near me.’

gate repair los angeles

Gate will not close or open

When your electric gate won’t close or open, it generally signifies a power outage. These mechanisms require constant supplies of electricity to function. If there is a power failure or outage, the gate will not work at all. If you are not experiencing a power outage, you may have some other type of electrical issue. Hiring a professional is the best option, so they can test the electric gate for operational issues and fix the problem.

Loud noises

You may notice that your gate is generating loud noises upon closing or opening. There are multiple reasons this occurs, and the problems usually aren’t clear immediately. It may be that the mechanism responsible for moving the gate is worn out. If this is the case, the gate will need to be taken apart and reassembled with newly fitted parts.

The remote control is faulty

Another common problem with electric gates is that the remote control stops working. If the remote is not in good working condition, you’ll have to open and close the gate manually. This can be something as simple as batteries that need to be replaced. However, if you’ve already done this and it still doesn’t work, your only option is to order a replacement remote.

Invasion of pests

Much like a garage door, electric gates require sensors to trigger motion. If the sensors become blocked, the gate will not open. Insects and vermin can climb into dark spaces that the gate provides, and in doing so, cause an obstruction. Be sure these spaces are kept clean and free of pests, so the sensors will work properly. Another obstruction to watch for is the growth of moss and mold.

Gate is stuck in manual mode

If your electric gate becomes stuck in manual mode, it will not automatically open or close. Be sure to check the batteries in your remote. However, the issue may be with the gate’s mechanism that makes it open. If you cannot figure it out, you’ll need the help of a professional. There are lots of industry professionals in every city; all you have to do is conduct an internet search for “gate repair near me”.

Track is worn out

If you notice the closing and opening of your gate is no longer fluid, the gate’s track may be worn out. You’ll need to physically check the functionality. If you notice that it gets stuck while closing or opening, or even jerks as it moves, this is a good sign the track needs to be replaced. A professional electric gate repair service should be hired to repair this issue.

Gate Repair Los Angeles

In conclusion, your electric gate provides a great deal of convenience. Rather than being forced to manually open or close the gate, find a professional to help. When it comes to electric gate repair in Los Angeles, be sure to contact the pros at BR Garage Doors & Gates.


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