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Can My Electric Gate Opener Be Hacked?

Security gates commonly installed in businesses and homes provide protection and peace of mind. Part of that peace of mind comes with understanding different security risks, including hacking. Just like any digital technology, electric gate opener can be hacked. However, they still add a high level of security for your home. As a clear barrier, they deter people from easily walking onto your property.

electric gate opener

How can they be hacked?

Electric gates typically run off remote controls which use rolling or hopping codes.  These are a series of codes that are sent to the gate sensors for it to open. The codes are not audible, but with the right equipment, a hacker could potentially capture the code. By duplicating the code, a hacker could open the electric gate opener. However, it requires a lot of effort, equipment, and intelligence to hack into these systems.

What can I do to secure my gate?

Some electric gate openers run through your home internet program, which can add another layer of risk for hacking. If your gate is synced with your internet, make sure your connection is secure. A good firewall system –software or hardware that filters information coming through the network – will help block a hacker’s access to your connection.

You could also add a manual lock to the inside of the gate.  You can engage this lock if your gate is closed for a longer period, such as if you go out of town. So, even if the connection is somehow hacked, the gate will not open.

Is it worth the risk?

The slight risk of hacking is nothing in comparison to the benefits of an electric gate. Slide and swing gates are an excellent way to secure your property from unwanted visitors. Electric gates are also convenient, giving easy access without having to get out of your car.

Overall, an electric gate is better than a manual gate that is less convenient and less secure. Not to mention, an electric gate is better than no gate at all. There’s a reason why big businesses invest in electric security gates!

Electric Gate Repair & Installation

To ensure your gate is as secure as possible, hire a professional service for electric gate repair and installation. Look for a company that offers experienced technicians, 24-hour emergency support, and quality customer service. If in the Los Angeles area, contact BR Garage Doors and Gates for all of your installation, service, and repair needs.

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