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The majority of modern homeowners have garages to protect their vehicle overnight, and even if you have decided to give up the car in exchange for a bicycle, you may still make use of the garage on a regular basis. However you use your garage, when the door fails you need immediate help with a speedy fix. When  you call our Garage door repair in Santa Monica, we will be able to work with you to get fast results that will ensure your garage is working again when you need it.

Fixing Roller Doors

Roller doors are the kind which fold up around a central column at the top of your door, and are very useful where there is not a lot of space above the door frame of the garage. The roller door can jam very easily, and it is not safe to work on this problem yourself, as you need expert help to fix it quickly. Our teams have years of experience in handling roller doors, including fixing the springs and mechanisms which are common reasons for the door to fail.

Garage Door Repair In Santa Monica

Fixing Garage Door Tracks

Another common form of garage doors are those which go up into the space just below the ceiling of the garage, and do not fold. These doors are often lifted in and out of position using a track system. As with anything that needs tracks, the doors can sometimes fall out of place, meaning that the door becomes jammed and won’t open/close without help from door repair experts. Our teams are there to work with you to fix the problems, including replacing tracks and runners, and making sure that the whole mechanism is well-oiled before operation.

Let Us Help You With Garage Door Repair Problems

We can assist you with a variety of different issues with garage doors, and our teams will work with you to effect a speedy Garage door repair in Santa Monica. From simple issues such as replacing garage door remote sensors, allowing you to open and close the door automatically, to complicated repairs which require the door to be removed while we fix the mechanism. Whatever type of help you require, contact us now by calling us on (888) 918-8889, or by sending us an online message through our contact form, complete with your details and query requesting our help.

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