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5 Solutions How to fix Gate on Your Own

Please note, if the gate issue is severe, don’t deal with it on your own. There are electrical issues that can occur and be quite dangerous to you and your property if not handled by a professional.
Have you decided to call an gate repair Los Angeles? If your gate is still under warranty, call the company and use the warranty. If not, we are here to assist with all gate problems you may be noticing.

After a long day at work, you are tired and anxious to get home. You finally arrive and press on the remote control for the automatic gate and it doesn’t open. Your press again and again, a little more forceful out of frustration, and the gate, of course, doesn’t move. You rush to call your gate technician to gate repair it, but wait; maybe it’s something you can repair on your own?

Repair of electric gates can include a variety of simple solutions that you can solve on your own, as well as those gate problems that do require a processional‘s assistance which can cost hundreds of dollars. How can you tell?

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So we will tell you as a leading gate repair los angeles!

What automatic gate repairs can you perform on your own?
No batteries in the gate remote control – yes, yes, it sounds but sometimes out of frustration, we forget to check the simple solutions.
Try changing the battery on your remote control to see if that will solve the problem. Try using another remote to see if the problem exists or if that solves it.
Automatic gate jammed shut?
If the batteries work and the gate still won’t open, try and look around the gate to see if anything is stuck in the way that is preventing it from opening – this can be a rock, a child toy or even a trash bin you forgot to move from the track. If you are unable to remove the item from the track, it’s time to call a gate technician for help in order to avoid further damage to the gate.
Electric gate operating system via smartphone
If you use your smartphone to open and close your automatic gate, check that the application is up to date and that your connectivity is on (Ex: WIFI)
Lubrication of the electric gate hinges
You notice your gate not opening smoothly and “jerking” while opening. General maintenance of your gate, lubricating all the hinges and chain, will solve the issue and allow your gate to slide smoothly again.
The gate will not close
Check that nothing is blocking your safety sensors or that your sensor didn’t move.

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