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5 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Garage Door Repaired In Los Angeles

Although we all try and sidestep the necessary repairs around our homes and yards that can appear expensive, the longer you wait to do something important, like repair your garage door, the more likely the problem will become permanent. As your broken garage door continues to degrade further, you’ll be staring at a much more expensive problem down the line – trust us.

That’s why garage door repair Los Angeles-based insight is something we advise you to consider.

So how can you identify if it’s time to call in the garage door repair Los Angeles, California professionals? Here are five telling signs:

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The Garage Door Won’t Close

If you have a garage door that will neither open, nor close, it’s probably suffering from cables that are worn or broken, an electrical malfunctioning, or an opener with a stripped gear. Having the door stuck open can leave your home accessible to intruders. Or, if it’s forced shut, you can’t use the garage at all!

It Sounds Noisy

Does it sound like a cranking machine each time you open and close the garage door? Although they are loud by nature, they shouldn’t sound like they are falling apart each time you go in and out of the garage.

It’s Off of the Tracks

Your garage door can fall off of its tracks in a number of ways: a vehicle hit or clipped the door, the horizontal tracks misalign with the vertical tracks, the rollers are worn out, or a life cable broke. Either way, if the garage door is off of its tracks, that’s an incredibly dangerous problem you should consider fixing immediately.

The Garage Door is Outdated

If you haven’t considered garage door repair Los Angeles experts in decades, chances are, you are working with a seriously outdated garage door and overall system that might have old safety features. It’s wise to have a professional come in an update the safety features to ensure you and your family remain safe.

It’s Sucking Up Energy

Old or outdated garage door models will use much more electricity than the newer, more sustainable options today. Additionally, as the door starts to break further, you’ll notice a spike in your utility bills, which can be indicative of a much bigger problem you should address sooner rather than later.

Garage Door Repair Los Angeles

Don’t wait around and pray the garage door will fix itself. Be proactive and bring in the professionals before you have an expensive, dangerous, and stressful situation on your hands. We’re based out of both Los Angeles, able to access your garage door for repair, replacement, and other advisement support.

If you are interested in installing garage door in Los Angeles, contact BR Garage Doors & Gates. After installing a door, residents find their homes to feel safer and peaceful. Our professional team can ensure your garage door installation is functional and clean. Contact us by calling (888) 918-8889 or email Our team is always readily prepared to answer any questions you may have about installing garage door in Los Angeles.


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